• Toyota Avanza : 1 – 3 Days More @200K/day , 1 Day @300K/day
  • Suzuki Karimun : 1 – 3 Days More @150K/day , 1 Day @200K/day
  • Toyota Innova : 1 – 3 Days More @350/day , 1 Day @450K/day
  • City Car Automatic : 1 – 3 Days More @300K/day , 1 Day @350K/day
  • Suzuki Katana : 1 – 3 Days More @130K/day , 1 Day @150K/day
  • Toyota Avanza Automatic : 1 – 3 Days More @300K/day , 1 Day @350K/day
  • Yamaha Nmax : 1 – 3 Days More @150K/day , 1 Day @200K/day
  • Honda Scoopy : 1 – 3 Days More @70K/day , 1 Day @100K/day
  • Big Bike :  @100K/hour 
  • Point 1
    While on the road, an important virtue to have here is patience! Although the road system in the heavily populated areas is in reasonable condition compared to other developing countries, it can be heavily congested at peak periods.

    Point 2
    Ceremonial processions sometimes occupy the whole road so if you are caught behind a procession, enjoy the colorful experience.

     Point 3
    Roads can also be quite narrow with heavy pedestrian traffic on each side. In less populated areas, roads may not be tarred and the famous “gang’’ (small road is enough to accommodate one car, but very often two-way) is ever present no matter what area you may be in. This invariably tests the reversing skills of many drivers!

    Point 4
    Take note of several important points while driving in Bali. It is not unusual for cars and bikes to swerve into your lane without indication. A system of “sharing lane” has developed because there are often obstacles on the sides of the road, such as parked cars or the frequent procession of bakso trolleys and paraphernalia salesman.

     Point 5
    That’s okay if you’re used to it but can be quite a shock to the new driver in Bali! Be aware that drivers from side streets often don’t look when joining a main road and the larger vehicle is king of the road.

    Point 6
    Quite often red traffic lights are considered “only as a suggestion” and there are a few places where traffic in the left lane may turn or continue straight through whilst the light is red with a sign “belok kiri jalan terus”.

    Point 7
    Remember to “toot” your horn when going around curves on mountainous roads as drivers commonly drive in the middle of the road here.

     Point 8
    There are many one way roads in Bali (mean to help traffic flow but it hasn’t really turned out that way). If you miss your turn off, you may have drive quite a distance before being able to turn back. This has resulted in motorbike riders riding a few hundred meters in the wrong direction, as a shortcut rather than following traffic flow. Be alert!

     Point 9
    You can fill up the gasoline at any of the numerous governments owned petrol stations or in more remote areas as stalls by the side of the road displaying bottled of clear liquid. The quality may not be as good as at the petrol station. Please fill up your car hire at the government petrol station in the beginning of your daily adventure.

     Point 10
    It is not recommended to drive at night on the remote area as leafy tree branch often marks obstacles such as potholes or road construction. Truck/bus drivers also notorious for overtaking on corners when drive at night; especially they come from or to Java Island for taking Ferry for cross the Island.



    Term and Condition

    Point 1
    An International Driving License required for the foreigner driver and National Driving License (SIM) for Indonesian Citizen Driver.

     Point 2
    Rental rate includes insurance of the car, however accident damage or theft of the or anypart of it, will be customers own liability up to US $800.

    Point 3
    Duration rental self drive are 24-hours a day and overtime charge is US $ 5. 00 per HOUR. If the renters wish to extend rental, please inform
    not less than 24 hours prior ending date and time.
    If the renters doesn’t inform for the extend rental more than 48 hours after ending date and time, the rental company has right to report to the police department that the mentioned car is lost, all risk and act taken by Police department will be the renter responsible.

     Point 4
    The renter will be fully responsible to any damage, theft of the car or any part of it, if the car is driven not on the road (e.g. beach, field etc.).

     Point 5
    The renter will be fully responsible to any consequence caused by letting or giving the car to be driven by a person other than the renter in contract.

    Point 6
    It is not allow driving the car to outside the island without any permit by car rental Company.

     Point 7
    Full payment rental paid in advance by cash either in ID Rupiah on pick up the vehicle upon signing car rental contract.

     Point 8
    A 50% fee of the remaining day will charged if the renters wish to return the vehicle prior to end of rental period and one-day rental charge will be charged to renter who cancels their reservation less than 24 hours or on delivery day.

How to make a reservation :

To get information about vehicles availability, please contact us through telephone, SMS, email, Yahoo Messenger, facebook or website. After we confirm the vehicle availability, we will wait for your booking confirmation and down payment. Do make sure that you’ve read our terms and conditions. Down payment is required as minimum as one-day rented price (to avoid fake booking). Payment can be done via transfer to:

Account Number : 145-00-0716871-5

Name : I Wayan Suarsana

Bank Mandiri, Branch Office : Kuta Raya


Account Number : 0264374237

Name : I Wayan Suarsana

Bank BNI, Branch Office : Renon


Payment Confirmation :

We will process your booking after we confirm your payment. Down payment/Full payment confirmation will be done through email, telephone or Whatsapp to +62 8155786038 or +62 8123907213.